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I started training to feel good about myself, my body, and my health. I wanted to learn discipline in the gym as well as gain knowledge and confidence in myself when I am at the gym without a trainer. I began doing partner sessions with Anne, which was a really great way to introduce myself to working with a trainer and it’s always fun to have someone to sweat it out with you! Though partner training is great, I decided to also do some 1-on-1 to really focus on my individual goals and needs.

Working with Sweat Now Shine Later, you aren’t just focusing on what is going on in that moment. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is just looking to get into training, or who has been working with trainers for a long time. He believes in his clients, and does everything he can to encourage you to crush your goals. He is very welcoming to any level of fitness. He always makes me feel comfortable in the gym, I have never felt discouraged, out of place, or uncomfortable while working with him. He carries himself in a very professional way, and tracks my goals for me, so that I can really focus on what I need to both during our sessions and outside of them. He takes the time to talk through not only how I can go about living a healthy lifestyle to crush my goals in the gym, but also talks through any other non-physical health goals.

He focuses on educating, that way you are fully capable of reaching all of your wellness goals. The exercises that I do in the gym with Matt push me to my limits, and show me how to work out safely and effectively. He has shown me how to exercise on my own, and with a partner. He works on form to make sure that I am getting the most out of my time there and tracking towards achieving my goals. He helped me form better habits like meal prepping, organizing my plate more proportionately, going to the gym on a regular basis (4/5 times a week), and correcting my form while working out,  as well as self-discipline when it comes to cheat food.

After training with Matt, it kills me to be moving out of state because I am truly not sure how I will find someone even close to as great as he is. I am thankful for my time with Matt because now I know how what to look for in future gym/training experiences.

- Taylor Devine

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